US-based Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America (NGPL) is seeking solicitations of interest in additional capacity for its two natural gas pipeline systems.

The firm is planning to undertake a second phase expansion of its Chicago Market expansion project and Gulf Coast Southbound expansion project.

Recently, NGPL secured $623m in capital contribution from its parent companies Kinder Morgan and Brookfield Infrastructure Partners. NGPL is operated by Kinder Morgan.

NGPL president David Devine said: "As NGPL begins construction of the first phase of its Chicago Market Expansion Project and prepares to file a certificate application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for the Gulf Coast Southbound Expansion Project, we are pleased to present new, cost-effective expansion capacity opportunities to the market.

"We believe these projects provide benefits to our various customers, including local distribution companies, power plants, producers and marketers, and emerging markets in Mexico and LNG liquefaction."

In March 2016, NGPL secured approval from the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a certificate for the first phase of the Gulf Coast Southbound expansion project.

Expected to increase the company’s capacity by 238,000 dekatherms per day, the first phase of the project is scheduled to enter service in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Additionally, the second phase involves construction of additional compression facilities at NGPL’s new compressor station.

The Gulf Coast Southbound expansion project’s first phase has been designed to enable transportation of 460,000 Dth/d of incremental firm transportation service from NGPL’s interstate pipeline interconnects in Illinois, Arkansas and Texas to points south on the company’s pipeline system in South Texas.

The project is expected to start production in the fourth quarter of 2018 while a 7(c) certificate application is planned to be filed with the FERC in the third quarter of 2016.

NGPL expects the second phase to provide up to 250,000 Dth/d of transportation service to existing and expanding markets in Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast service areas. It is scheduled to be commissioned during fourth quarter of 2019.