The planned 1GW ElecLink interconnector between the UK and France is expected to become fully operational in 2019.


The project, which is estimated to cost over €500m, has secured another successful decision from the French Conseil d’Etati. The construction phase of the project is anticipated to start by the end of this year.

It is the first interconnector to be commissioned between the UK and France since 1986. The project’s cable will pass via the Channel Tunnel reducing its environmental impact.

The project, which will be financed by private funds, will offer enhanced security of supply and regulation of national power production.

The UK and French governments are supporting the project, which has been recognized as Project of Common Interest by. the European Commission.

ElecLink CEO Steven Moore said: "I am delighted that ElecLink has passed through the legal and regulatory steps.We are now impatient to start work and to contribute to employment creation.

"An investment of this magnitude which helps energy transition whilst leaving such a small impact on the environment is an exceptional opportunity for Kent and the Calais area."

ElecLink is a joint venture company between Groupe Eurotunnel and STAR Capital Partners. It has received a 25 year regulatory exemption from several clauses of the Third Energy Package to forward sell under long term contracts up to 80% of the interconnector capacity in each direction.

Image: ElecLink to begin UK-France electricity interconnector project. Photo: courtesy of a454/