VOITH SIEMENS HYDRO POWER Generation has recently received orders totalling US$14M for three new hydro power stations in Japan.

Shin-Asaka power station is to be built in the Fukushima Prefecture in central Japan with the purpose of supplying water for irrigation by utilising a 2.4MW horizontal Francis turbine with a double runner. The scope of supply includes the turbine, generator, electrical and mechanical balance of plant equipment. Commissioning is scheduled for July 2003.

Tomada station is to be built along with a multi-purpose dam in Okayama Prefecture. Voith Fuji Hydro will provide all equipment at the 4.8MW plant, including a vertical Francis turbine, generator, plus erection and supervision. Commissioning is scheduled for February 2005.

Shin-Taishaku power station is part of a redevelopment project for an ageing dam in Hiroshima Prefecture, and will include the utilisation of a 10.08MW vertical Francis turbine.