Universal Bioenergy, a publicly traded diversified energy company that markets and distributes natural gas, petroleum, coal and electricity, announced that its subsidiary NDR Energy Group signed an agreement to supply natural gas to one of the top three largest electric power companies in America.

The contract is projected to generate millions of dollars in additional revenue for the Company from the sales of natural gas.

The electric utility customer is a Fortune 250 company, traded on the New York Stock Exchange with over $110 billion in power generation assets. The Utility is one of the largest electric power companies in America, supplying and delivering energy to millions of U.S. customers. The Utility has an electric power and natural gas distribution service area that covers the Mid-south, the Midwest, and the Southeastern United States. Its commercial and international businesses own and operate diverse power generation assets in North America and Latin America.

Universal Bioenergy’s President Vince M Guest says, "We recently announced that NDR Energy Group signed a contract with one of the largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production companies in the world that operates in 30 countries worldwide and reported over $58.24 billion in revenues. Now we established a new partnership to supply natural gas to a $110 billion electric utility company; one of the largest in America. This is an outstanding accomplishment for the NDR Energy Group staff, including NDR’s President, Ken Harris and Rickey Hart, its Vice President of Business Development for developing this relationship and successfully closing yet another great transaction. The agreement limits us from disclosing the customer’s name and some details. This relationship solidifies more growth for our Company and provides a greater foundation for increased earnings and profits."

Universal Bioenergy is a high growth diversified energy company that is experiencing double-digit growth. NDR Energy Group, a subsidiary of Universal Bioenergy, sells natural gas to many of the largest public utilities, electric power producers and local gas distribution companies that serve millions of commercial, industrial and residential customer in the United States.