Nanophase Technologies Corporation (Nanophase) has announced the resignation of Richard Brotzman as chief technology officer, effective February 28, 2009. Robert Haines has resigned as vice president of operations, and Jess Jankowski has been promoted to the position of president and chief executive officer (CEO) and board of director, effective February 28, 2009.

Brotzman has resigned so that he may pursue new entrepreneurial business opportunities. He was responsible for several of the company’s key patents and served as technical liaison to many of the company’s market partners, helping to bring Nanophase from a development stage company to a commercial enterprise.

Haines was the critical driver in the company’s progression towards developing the high quality-driven volume manufacturing platform that has become one of its key strengths.

Jankowski had been Nanophase’s Acting CEO since August 2008. He will continue to serve also as chief financial officer as the company conducts a search for his replacement in that role.

Don Perkins, the company’s chairman, commented that “Mr. Jankowski has earned the Board’s trust over the years and has impressed us with his vision for Nanophase and the team he has developed since he assumed leadership six months ago. It is reassuring to note that Mr. Jankowski and his team hold an average of 8 years experience with Nanophase.”

Nanophase Technologies Corporation is a US based company.