A guerrilla attack on worker accommodation near the Hatkyi hydro project in Myanmar killed one man among a group of 14 involved in the survey work, according to official local sources.

The man killed on 2 September was a Thai national among a group of 13 plus an interpreter working on the survey project for the scheme to be built on the Thanlwin river. Blame for the attack was placed on the KNU guerrilla group, and the army launched pursuit.

The group of 14 was staying at Malaryu in Hlainbwe Township, Kayin state, to undertake the survey work for the project being developed jointly with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

EGAT and the government of Myanmar signed the deal in December 2005 to build the project, which is to have an installed capacity of approximately 600MW and produce 3.8BkWh per year.

Unconfirmed reports said EGAT was suspending its work in the area until greater security was in place.