Production of natural gas from the recently discover Munro gas field in the UK owned North Sea has started ahead of schedule according to minority share owner Tullow Oil.

Tullow has revealed that natural gas production from the Munro field development, located 150km off the east coast of England, commenced on August 22 at an initial average rate of 55 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd).

In a statement the company added that the commencement of production had been achieved six weeks ahead of the development schedule and only 16 months after the field was discovered by GdF Britain during an exploratory drilling project.

The Munro development, 46% owned by ConocoPhillips, 39% owned by GdF Britiain and 15% owned by Tullow, consists of a single well, a minimum-facilities platform and a 5km pipeline. The gas field is expected to produce at a peak rate of 80mmscfd.