Maine Power Express (MPX) in partnership with County Line Wind, has proposed to build a 1040MW HVDC transmission line in response to the Massachusetts Clean Energy RFP.

The new transmission line will be placed in an underground existing energy corridor and under water, which will connect Maine and Boston, Massachusetts. Maine Power Express and Con Edison Transmission (CET) are involved in advancing the development of MPX.

Located on the forest lands of Penobscot and Aroostook Counties in northern Maine, the County Line Wind is a 630MW that will supply class I renewable resource to Boston by using MPX.

The Massachusetts Utilities and Department of Energy Resources issued the Massachusetts Clean Energy RFP, which includes a 20 year PPA for supplied renewable energy.

On 27 July 2017, the bids were proposed and the selected projects are expected to be announced in January 2018. The MPX and County Line Wind are proposed to start its operations in 2022.

CET vice president Timothy Frost said: “Con Edison Transmission will bring clean, renewable energy to a major demand center in Massachusetts at a low delivered cost. Boston would gain additional reliability, economic benefits and access to clean energy.

“This unique transmission project has the ability to accommodate additional generation resources, creating flexibility for the Massachusetts utilities to optimize energy deliveries. Con Edison Transmission looks forward to bringing its engineering and financial strength to realize this project.”

MPX managing member Hayes Gahagan said: “The Maine Power Express utilizes the optimal route for connecting stranded wind resources in northern Maine directly to the Boston load center with minimal environmental impact.

“The MPX project does not require unsightly transmission towers, utilizes an existing energy corridor, avoids the taking and clearing of lands and has no adverse impact to the marine environment.”