MosChip Semiconductor Technology Ltd. (MosChip) has introduced two new network appliance processors (NAP), MCS8142 and MCS8144, to support PCI Express (PCIe), Gigabit Ethernet and display interfaces in a single solution. With the company’s MCS8142, system engineers can target various applications that include consumer network attached storage (NAS), PC and media docking stations, SOHO, home network automation, media servers, and more.

The MCS8144 lends itself toward applications driving digital displays such as, digital signage, POS, PC and media docking stations, smart VOIP gateways, and more.

The company’s new System-on-a-Chip (SoC) NAPs are based on an enhanced ARM9 processor operating at 525 MHz and are designed to deliver best in class performance with complete system solutions, including evaluation systems, support for Linux and Win CE operating systems, firmware and application level software to enable quick time to revenue. The offering enables immediate production, reduces design time and design investments while effectively controlling bill-of-materials costs. Both devices are highly integrated NAPs with Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe, USB, DDR-II memory interface and other key features supported. Both processors can easily be made to target select applications using MosChip’s comprehensive systems and applications software.

The MCS8142 NAP is offered in a 256 TFBGA package and supports One x1 lane PCI Express port, 2 USB 2.0 ports (one USB port can be configured to support OTG), a single 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet port and an integrated DDR2 SDRAM memory controller. The device also supports a 16C550 compatible UART, I2C, SPI and 8 GPIOs.

The MCS8144 NAP has all the features of the MCS8142 but is offered in a 292 TFBGA and supports two x1 lane PCI Express ports. The device has an integrated display controller with a LVDS 6/8-bit FPD link for direct interfacing to TFT panels and an RGB 24-bit, DVI and 12-bit interfaces to connect TFT/STN LCD and TV monitors. The display controller can support display resolutions of QVGA, VGA, SVGA, XVGA and WXGA.

System designers will find either of the company’s two new devices ideal as a processor to enable system processing, networking connectivity, to support additional devices through USB, and to support display-based devices. By operating at 525 MHz, the greater CPU performance enables support for compute intensive applications without compromising system performance. PCIe is supported in dual mode for scalable performance. The devices also provide a point-to-point link to each device on the system bus, low latency, and Quality of Service (QoS) to enable guaranteed bandwidth. Additional external WLAN and storage options are also supported through the USB and PCIe interfaces. Gigabit Ethernet support comes with hardware acceleration enabling TCP/IP/UDP. Segmentation off-load and IP Checksum off-load allows higher performance at optimal CPU load.

“The MCS8142 and MCS8144 are MosChip’s second generation Network Appliance Processors that bring to market the best in class performance and price,” said Bhanu Nanduri, chief operating officer of MosChip. “With our comprehensive out of the box system design packages, customers can bring to market USB Server, NAS, POS, Digital Signage, Serial over IP, PC and media Docking station and other related products to market in record time.”

MosChip already has partnerships for the MCS8142 and MCS8144 with companies such as e-con Systems and IdealBT Technology Corporation, among various others, to provide complete system solutions. e-con Systems, acknowledged by Microsoft as a Windows Embedded Gold Partner, offers complete Windows Embedded CE solutions, which include Win CE BSP development, BSP porting, device driver development and application development. IdealBT is developing network applications over the embedded Linux platform for Internet appliance and NAS products across various hardware platforms.

We are pleased to partner with MosChip for Windows CE BSP development for their existing and upcoming range of Network Appliance processors,” commented Ashok Babu, president of e-con Systems. “With e-con’s specialization in delivering production quality BSP, MosChip can offer a ready solution to its OEM customers interested in developing smart Windows CE based devices in the shortest possible time.”

“We are very excited to work with MosChip as a partner to develop system solutions around the MCS8142 and MCS8144 Network Appliance Processors,” said William Chiu, chief executive officer of IdealBT Technology Corporation.” MosChip’s best in class Network Appliance Processors enable a set of system solutions for the home and office markets not possible before. With this partnership we expect to realize a significant growth for our business in the Taiwan and Greater China market.”