Elektroprivreda Crne Gore A.D. (EPCG) plans to rehabilitate and modernise the Piva hydro power plant in Montenegro, a cavern-type power station with a total installed capacity of 342MW. Consulting services are required for the project.

Within German Financial Cooperation with Montenegro, EPCG intends to continue the rehabilitation of the complex power plant installations in order to extend the power plant’s lifetime and safeguard its reliability. The new project will extend over the majority of the plant’s different components and will be made up of replacement/rehabilitation of electrical and electro mechanical installations, hydraulic steel structures and rehabilitation of different parts of the civil works.

The consulting services will comprise assistance to the Project Management Unit within EPCG mainly for: executing a comprehensive testing programme to assess the exact rehabilitation need of all respective parts, technical concept, preparation of tender documents, evaluation of proposals, assistance in contract award, quality control, site supervision of contractor’s activities, budget control, reporting, commissioning and handing over of the installations.

Selection and recruitment of the consultant will be conducted through a public international competitive bidding (post-qualification procedure). Final deadline for submission is 29 January 2007. A pre-bid meeting is scheduled for 18/19 December 2006.

Tender documents can be obtained from the Tender Agent free of charge commencing from 30 November 2006 upon respective request to: Dr.-Ing. Franz-Dietmar Sprenger, Obergasse 1, 61 273 Wehrheim, Germany; Fax: +49 6081 – 44 38 52; Email: sprengerfranz@aol.com