A RANGE OF rugged submersible accelerometers for the monitoring of vibration in submersible plant for predictive maintenance purposes is available from UK-based Monitron.

Developed for use throughout the water industry, the products – MTN/1150W, MTN/1186W and MTN/1185W – use piezoelectric technology and are sealed to IP68 as standard. All three devices have been designed for use at high pressures and can be used in a variety of applications requiring either part or full immersion in water, typically up to 100m in depth.

The products have a measurement range of 50g and a frequency response of up to 8kHz. In addition, the devices can be provided with either 4-20mA or AC outputs, with optional temperature also available.

With stainless steel casings, the range of accelerometers can be supplied with a variety of options, such as connectors, filters and bespoke housings, to ensure the devices meet individual vibration monitoring requirements.

Additional products to compliment system performance, such as the MTN/3000 series switch box, are also available. The submersible accelerometer is attached to the switch box, for analysis purposes, enabling a data collector to be connected.

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