MOM Brands has invested in an energy-efficient lighting program at its cereal plant based in Utah, US.

The lighting project was contracted to Murphy Energy Systems, and the project includes upgrading and retrofitting all interior and exterior lighting.

The energy-saving renovation also included the implementation of lighting controls to reduce the energy required to light the facility, while improving overall light quality and quantity, resulting in a lighter and brighter work environment.

On average, the fluorescent technology increased light output throughout the plant by 20%-30%, yet costs 60% less to operate than the previous lighting technology, MOM Brands claims.

MOM Brands will save nearly a quarter of a million dollars in energy costs annually and reduce CO2 output by about 4.5 million pounds per year.

The 382,000ft² high-tech Utah facility runs four production lines and produces about 125,000 packages of cereal a day in a variety of ready-to-eat flavors.