Modus Seabed Intervention has completed system integration and testing of a hybrid unmanned underwater vehicle, designed for use in the offshore wind sector.

Developed in partnership with Saab Dynamics, the hybrid system is said to be one of the first autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) to feature the capabilities and characteristics of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

Modus completed the testing of the hybrid unmanned underwater vehicle in Sweden and the UK and is now preparing for commercial deployment.

Modus Seabed Intervention managing director Jake Tompkins said: “Our hybrid AUV capability is a game changing development for the subsea industry that innovatively addresses the sector challenges and the current economic environment.

“Our ongoing investments into subsea vehicle development, disruptive innovation and operating processes will ensure our customers can benefit from a differentiated approach to survey, inspection and intervention, providing cost effective, high quality performance.”

Saab and Modus are currently working on developing advanced sensor payload packages and operating methodologies for the unmanned vehicle.

Featuring increased thrust to support high speed survey and additional batteries for extended endurance, the fully autonomous system could be used in survey and inspection projects in the oil and gas, interconnector and offshore renewables sectors.

The firm said that the vehicle has a depth rate of 1200m and can be upgraded to 3000m to meet project-specific applications.

Separately, Modus developed two deployment and recovery systems. These include a floating dock for surface deployment and recovery and a subsea garage to allow for a full de-coupling from the support vessel.

Image: The Modus’ hybrid unmanned underwater vehicle. Photo: courtesy of Modus Ltd.