US-based special purpose district, Modesto Irrigation District (MID), responsible for irrigation, water, and electricity services for California customers, has selected Dominion company, DVI, to provide voltage management solutions.

Under the contract, DVI will provide its advanced applications via the EDGE software suite to help MID manage high voltages, save energy, and reduce high electric bills.

DIV’s EDGE is a modular and adaptive conservation voltage management solution that supports utilities to deploy incremental grid-side energy management without any additional purchases by consumers.

The software suite, through its integrated planning, execution, and validation of grid will also save almost 4% of energy savings.

DVI executive director Todd Headlee said, "MID, as with other utilities in the California market, is actively seeking solutions to optimize their distribution system for efficiency and reliability, both of which are cornerstones of the EDGE® grid optimization platform."

EDGE will be used along with the existing Silver Spring Networks’ advanced metering infrastructure to provide advanced Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) and Volt/Var Optimization (VVO) capabilities to MID.

Modesto Irrigation District assistant general manager Tom Kimball said the district was looking for advanced applications to leverage the capabilities of its Silver Spring AMI deployment.

"As we considered our CVR and VVO strategy, DVI’s patented approach of using AMI data for circuit optimization planning, management and control, and measurement and verification was a clear differentiator versus other solutions available on the market," Kimball added.

Silver Spring Networks Products executive vice president Anil Gadre said high voltage levels on the grid lead to energy waste, higher energy bills, and unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions.

"Conservation Voltage Reduction is a proven technique to leverage existing smart grid investments to lower voltage levels and save significant amounts of energy," Gadre added.