Mobile Compost Service, a waste management company, is launching a food waste collection service that will offer weekly pick-up of organic materials from residential customers and convert them into compost, a nutrient rich, organic soil amendment.

The customers can add their food waste into a kitchen collection bucket provided by the company, which will collect the contents of the buckets once a week, and produce compost from them to divert tons of food waste from landfills that emit harmful methane gas and nitrous oxide.

Mobile Compost Service, which will return finished compost to its customers as part of the monthly service plan, is also working on partnering with a charitable organization to donate some finished compost.

The company plans to start the service on 1 November 2010, initially for Orange County residential customers and hopes to expand service to other areas and include business customers, providing a way to avoid wasting natural resources, while producing soil amendment through composting.

In addition to the food waste collection service, Mobile Compost will also offer a free e-waste pick up service, under which, it will collect small e-waste items such as batteries, cell phones and power cords, and take them to an e-waste recycle site once a month.