Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Mitsubishi Electric) has developed a new 638-nanometer wavelength laser diode, ML520G54. The new laser diode has an output power of 110 milliwatts in single lateral-mode operation, for use in palm-size mobile color-projectors and other display systems. This laser diode also achieves highest wall plug efficiency of 28%. Sample shipment will start on February 1, 2009.

Aim of Sale:

Laser diodes are widely used in optical disc systems, such as recordable DVD players, and optical communication equipment. Recently, the market is seeking to further extend the use of laser diodes to display equipment.

Meanwhile palm-size mobile color projectors, which are used to project applications in personal entertainment players, mobile phones and other mobile equipment, are garnering attention. Among the several methods of projecting these applications, the greatest expectation is being placed on the use of small, high-output and highly efficient laser diodes as a light source, while employing micro mirror devices to scan the laser beams. Such projection technology requires high beam quality and wave-front uniformity; it is also essential for the laser diode to have single lateral-mode lasing characteristics. However, to date, there had been no laser diodes with enough output power and brightness to satisfy mobile color projector manufacturers.

Mitsubishi Electric has used its expertise in laser diode production to develop a laser diode for mobile color projectors and other display systems. Of the three colors, red, green and blue, used as light sources in mobile color projectors, the ML520G54 offers clear and bright red light, with high output and a lasing wavelength set at 638 nanometers. This development will contribute to the production of brighter mobile color projectors with lower power consumption.

In addition, the model’s compact 5.6-millimeter TO CAN housing package makes this laser diode suitable for high-level integration not only in mobile color projectors but also in the laser display apparatus, industrial instrumentation and biomedical fields.

Product Features:

World’s highest figures: an output power of 110 milliwatts and a wall plug efficiency of 28%:

Previous red laser diodes with a wavelength of 640 nanometers or lower– the wavelength most suitable to reproduce optical red color clearly and brightly– had difficulty maintaining single lateral-mode lasing characteristics at high output power. Mitsubishi Electric’s new model has fully utilized the company’s unique know-how in applying window mirror structures and ridge waveguide structures, which helped achieve a world-leading output power of 110 milliwatts at 638 nanometers in single lateral-mode operation. Its wall plug efficiency is 28% at 25 degrees C, which is also the highest in the world. As a result, the new product will contribute to the production of brighter mobile color projectors with lower power consumption.

Operating range of up to 50 degrees C:

Due to its optimized materials and structure, the ML520G54 operates at an output power of 110 milliwatts even at a high temperature of up to +50 degrees C.