Mirenco Inc. (Mirenco) has signed a distribution agreement with Whayne Supply Company, Inc. (Whayne Supply) for all US and Canada region. This agreement gives Whayne Supply rights to market all of the Mirenco's products and services through a network of vehicle service centers with operations in US and Canada.

This business relationship arose after Whayne Supply and its customers documented fuel savings and reduced vehicle operation costs while using the company’s products.

Initially, the primary marketing focus for Mirenco’s products and services will be concentrated towards heavy duty diesel equipment throughout the Caterpillar network.

The agreement with Whayne Supply is viewed as an important step in the promotion of Mirenco’s testing and consulting business, and it is expected to result in an increase in Mirenco’s product sales. Mirenco is responding by increasing its product inventory. Whayne Supply is in the process of expanding the marketing of Mirenco’s products and training through Caterpillar dealers.

The agreement with Whayne Supply culminated after several years of development work which demonstrated the benefit that Mirenco’s technology offered over other available fuel saving options. I have spent nearly four years working with Whayne Management and the Whayne Team in bringing this relationship to fruition. Mirenco is pleased to be able to work with such a forward thinking company, said Dwayne Fosseen, chief executive officer of Mirenco.

Mirenco technology is designed to measure engine combustion health on a regular basis. The objective is to maintain the new engine fuel efficiency and the new engine health as long as possible over an engine’s lifetime. The Mirenco program measures and reports on the economics of maintaining enhanced fuel efficiency as well as vehicle productivity. This information can be provided by the professional vehicle service centers.