Minesto is looking to expand the capacity of its Deep Green technology in in Holyhead Deep, North Wales, UK to 80 MW.

In this regard, the Swedish marine energy developer has requested Marine Management Organisation and Natural Resources Wales for their scoping opinion to develop an 80MW facility in Holyhead Deep.

Minesto expects that the scaling up of the tidal project to result in  further decrease in costs through the benefits coming from volume manufacturing and installation synergies.

According to Minesto CEO Dr Martin Edlund, the expansion of the Holyhead Deep project will enable the company to completely exploit its Deep Green technology across tidal streams in the UK.

Edlund added: “Our projection of an 80 MW project in Holyhead Deep gives a levelized cost of energy (LCOE) which is 50 percent lower than for a 10 MW project. This substantial scale-up of the project’s commercial strength will make it even more attractive to site investors.

“Taking this step also means that we are creating early opportunities for Minesto to sell Deep Green power plants to the newly incorporated site development company Holyhead Deep.”

A thorough study from Xodus Group is said to back Minesto’s expansion plans. It is said to have concluded that the Minesto leased area in Holyhead Deep is appropriate for further deployment of Deep Green marine power plants of up to 80MW capacity.

The Holyhead Deep facility is being planned to be developed in three phases by the Swedish firm as part of a deploy-and-monitor approach. Its gradual expansion is expected to help the company in pushing the Deep Green technology towards a full industrial roll-out in North Wales from the demonstrator stage.

Image: Minesto plans to expand the Holyhead Deep project to 80MW capacity. Photo: courtesy of Minesto AB.