Mines Management has completed the objection and resolution process for the Montanore silver copper project’s permitting process, advancing the process a step closer to issuance of the Final Record of Decision.

The U.S. Forest Service issued a letter responding to issues raised during the ‘objection and resolution’ process, along with instructions to the Kootenai National Forest to provide additional clarifying information in the Final Environmental Impact Statement and Final ROD.

The letter concluded "…the project will be in compliance with all applicable laws and the Forest Plan," adding that it "…constitutes the final administrative determination of the Department of Agriculture," and authorized the responsible official to sign the Final ROD once clarifying information has been incorporated into the Final EIS.

Mines Management chairman and CEO Glenn Dobbs said: "We are very pleased with the small number of comments filed during the objection process, and believe this is reflective of the massive amount of time and work that has gone into the permitting process for the responsible development of a state-of-the-art mine. The Company and agencies have used the best possible science developing the plan for the project, and mitigation for the mine’s impact, to ensure protection for the surrounding environment.

Examples include development of a cutting edge scientific modeling process to better understand surface and subsurface hydrology, and a DNA study of grizzly bears conducted in the region in conjunction with the University of Washington that documented a significantly larger population than had been previously surmised. We intend to establish conservation easements on large tracks of remote lands to help encourage proliferation of the grizzly bears while working to educate the public regarding the species and other wildlife in northwest Montana. It’s a win-win-win situation for the bears, the community and the Company."