Midas Medici Group, through its CIMCORP brand, has secured a $4.4m contract from Minas Gerais Administration and Services to provide outsourcing through an Infrastructure as a Service model for clients in Brazil.

As per the contract, CIMCORP will outsource IT clients for specific public service operations throughout Minas Gerais.

The contract covers the deployment of IT Infrastructure for 28 Citizen’s Services Unities, a public facility serving around four million people per year.

Computers will be provided with embedded services encompassing the entire lifecycle for a 48-month term, including planning, procurement, deployment, onsite support, maintenance and the green disposition at the end of the term.

The company’s CIMCORP brand is focused on data center services with an emphasis on complex solutions that enable Brazilian companies to virtualize and implement cloud-based systems.

Midas is a managed IT services and infrastructure company engaged in the fields of virtualization, cloud computing and data management.