MHI Vestas has unveiled its latest wind turbine variant, the V164-9.5MW, expanding its offerings for the offshore wind developers.

The wind turbine, which is built on the V164 turbine platform, is claimed to be the most powerful serially-produced wind turbine in the world. The platform with its massive 80m blades has an improved capacity in capturing offshore wind.

According to the the joint venture company between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Vestas Wind Systems, the new turbine has an optimal rotor to generator ratio.

One turbine can produce enough electricity to power about 8300 UK homes. The gearbox and the cooling system have been redesigned and upgraded from the V164-9.0MW turbine.

Each of the 80m blades weigh about 35 tonnes. The total swept area of the wind turbine is 21,124 m2, which is larger than the London Eye. The nacelle is 20 m long, 8 m wide and 8 m high and weighs about 390 tonnes.

The hub height of the turbine is 105m and the tip height is 187m. The wind turbine, according to the company, can reduce operational and maintenance costs by letting customers use fewer and larger turbines.

MHI Vestas stated that the launch of the wind turbine coincides with the offshore wind industry meeting in London this week to to reaffirm its commitment to cut energy costs. 

 MHI Vestas CEO Jens Tommerup said: “As a leader in the offshore wind industry, we are committed to lowering the cost of energy through innovative turbine technology. The launch of our V164-9.5 MW turbine is a testament to that leadership and to the ingenuity of our engineers and technicians.

“The V164-9.5 MW is built on the industry-leading V164 platform, the most powerful platform in operation. Just one single turbine is now capable of powering more than 8,300 UK homes.”

Image: MHI Vestas launches highest rated wind turbine. Photo: Courtesy of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind A/S.