Met-Pro Corporation (Met-Pro), a US-based manufacturer of product recovery and pollution control equipments, has appointed Gennaro A. D’Alterio as new vice president (VP). Since joining the company in 1994, he served in various roles like: sales and marketing manager for Dean Pump and Fybroc product lines and regional sales manager for the Fybroc product line. He has served as general manager of company’s Pump Group, which includes the Dean Pump, Fybroc and Sethco product lines, since July 2007.

D’Alterio received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Villanova University. His base of operations will continue to be the company’s Fybroc and Sethco manufacturing facility located in Telford, Pennsylvania.

The company’s Pump Group manufactures a broad range of high quality horizontal, vertical and in-tank centrifugal pumps that handle corrosive, abrasive and high temperature liquids. This combination of pump types and configurations provides products that excel in applications requiring corrosion resistance, such as the pumping of acids, brines, caustics, bleaches, seawater and a wide variety of waste liquids; and products for pumping high temperature liquids used in many industrial and commercial applications.