MesoCoat has received a contract from an industrial pump manufacturer and distributor in Canada, for the supply of its PComP nanocomposite coating materials.

MesoCoat’s PcomP family of nanocomposite thermal spray powders offers unparalleled combinations of both toughness and hardness.

The tungsten carbide based PComP’s utilize the same patented core structure and binder architecture to produce coatings that provide over 2X better wear and abrasion resistance as well as better spallation resistance than conventional tungsten carbide coatings of the same chemistry.

Abakan CEO Robert Miller said MesoCoat secured the contract after completing extensive field testing and qualification which confirmed the superior properties of our tungsten carbide based PComP nanocomposite cermet materials, compared to other commercially available coating materials.

MesoCoat designed the PComP family of coating materials as drop-in replacements for thermal spray powders.