MC Endeavors has signed a strategic partnership with Fiscal Dynamics (FDL) for distribution of MCE-LBI renewable products in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

As per the partnership, MC Endeavors will distribute MCE-LBI renewable products throughout the six geo-political zones.

MC Endeavors president and CEO Tim Algier said DualZorb, PondZorb and AcidZorb will be a great addition to FDL’s tool chest for cleaning up oil pipeline ruptures, extinguishing oil fires and absorbing oil from contaminated soils and waterways.

"These natural biodegradable absorption products are very safe to use, silica dust free without carcinogens, and they suppress hazardous fumes by encapsulating chemicals into DualZorb’s cellulose fiber," Algier said.

FDL has been involved in environmental disaster remediation, oil spills and specialty chemical clean-ups, environmental soil bioremediation and extraction technology consultancy services in Nigeria.