The Maxol Group has announced that it will replace its regular unleaded petrol with its new E5 fuel - a blend of 95% petrol and 5% locally produced bioethanol - at all 150 Maxol service stations across Ireland in September 2007. The fuel will retail at the same price as standard unleaded petrol.

<p>Maxol said that its E5 fuel has been successfully piloted at over 24 service stations throughout northeast Ireland since September 2006. Following the complete rollout, for the first time throughout Ireland, drivers of standard petrol-powered vehicles will be able to use a biofuel without risk to the car manufacturer&#0039;s warranty.<br /><br />The bioethanol fuel in E5 is 100% organic and is currently made from whey, a milk derivative and a bi-product of the Carbery Milk Products Cheese plant in Ballineen, County Cork.<br /><br />Tom Noonan, chief executive of Maxol, said: This move towards ethanol use helps Ireland to meet EU targets. It is a win for consumers who benefit from lower emission fuel at no extra cost, a win for agriculture which can now develop interests in ethanol production and a win for the economy in that it could potentially reduce our imports. <br /><br />Although 5% may seem at first to be a small percentage, when applied to every liter of petrol that Maxol sells through its 150 service stations in the Republic of Ireland, this adds up to a very significant amount of locally produced, renewable and carbon neutral fuel…I can envisage a time in the not-too-distant future when the only fuels from Maxol service stations will be biofuels, Mr Noonan concluded.<br /><br />The rollout of the E5 green fuel is another first for Maxol in the Irish fuels market, following the launch of its E85 fuel (85% bioethanol) in September 2005. The initiative is part of Maxol&#0039;s commitment to renewable fuels and to helping the Irish government meet biofuel consumption targets set out in EU directives, which require biofuels to account for 5.75% by 2010 and 20% by 2020.</p>