Man Oil Group (MOG) has started pre-commissioning work at the Ukrainian refinery of TNK-BP, LINIK.

The company will operate the environmental waste management solution, sludge treatment oil recovery machine (STORM 15).

Man Oil Group president and CEO Genadi Man said the company has achieved another milestone following the launch of its new oil sludge treatment facility.

"TNK-BP is our first major multi-national client; STORM 15 was commissioned for their industrial site in Lisichansk as it delivers clear advantages in the treatment of cleaning all types of oil pollution," said Man.

"This high-tech project is the result of millions of dollars of investment in R&D, years of testing and we are confident that the STORM-15 solution will be a major force in the global treatment of contaminated waste."

In the first phase, processing of waste oil products will be taken up, apart from additional cleaning of processed mixtures.

The cleaning will return hydrocarbons to primary refining processes and thereby increase environmental safety.

STORM 15 provides environmentally friendly processing of oil sludge and recovery of up to 95% hydrocarbons from oil sludge.

TNK-BP is a joint-venture between the Russian Tumen Oil Company and British Petroleum.