SWEDEN-BASED TRANSTRONIC has developed Devibench, a Windows-based system for electronic hole deviation measurement during bench drilling in quarries.

The system, which comprises a bench probe and a robust PC, is designed to enable exact measurements to be taken in order to increase safety and optimise the blasting effect. According to the manufacturer, this provides reduced drilling costs, more even surfaces at the bottom of the holes and reduced vibrations.

Magnus Thele, CEO of Transtronic, claims the Devibench will optimise both drilling and blasting. ‘The measurement of all boreholes and the following analysis are performed very rapidly and require no special knowledge,’ he says. ‘The bench probe measures the angles in two planes and also contains an electronic magnetic compass. Each borehole is named and the result of the measurement – the angles and direction – are displayed on the computer screen and compared with reference values. Once all the holes have been measured, the final results are analysed with the aid of the system software.’ Tel: +46 0221 847 70