Voith Hydro has received an order worth 39 million Euros from Turkish facility Kalehan Energy Production. It includes the supply of three generators for Beyhan-1 hydro power plant in Elazig, eastern Turkey. Each generator will be rated at 235 MVA. Each will have an outer diameter of 13.5 metres and a height of 7.9 metres. In the past five years, Voith has supplied equipment to 45 new hydro power plants in Turkey.

Beyhan-1 will be the first of four new hydro plants planned for Elazig province. Voith will also supply the excitation and monitoring systems necessary for the operation of the generators.

Beyhan-1 is located on the Murat River. It is scheduled for commissioning in January 2015 and will supply for around 400 000 households in the region.