MagnaGro, an agricultural fertilizer company of Lawrence, Kansas has received a civil complaint and compliance order from EPA Region 7 for allegedly failing to conduct hazardous waste determinations as required by Kansas regulations and the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

The violation of the RCRA, including the identification of a number of solid and hazardous wastes at the company’s facilities, surfaced following a compliance inspection of the facilities conducted by the EPA staff site in June and July.

The complaint and compliance order from EPA requires MagnaGro to provide EPA with an inventory of all drums, totes and other containers at the facility, along with proper waste determinations within 30 days.

In addition, the company needs to submit to EPA a written plan for approval for shipping all hazardous waste currently located at the facility to an appropriate disposal facility, with disposal of wastes to be completed within 20 days after that approval.

If the company fails to make a timely response to the EPA order, EPA would hold the company in default, which would constitute an admission of all facts alleged in the order and a waiver of rights to a hearing with EPA.