Severn Trent Services - Apliclor, a supplier of drinking and wastewater treatment systems in Spain, has upgraded the Cadalso de los Vidrios drinking water treatment station, owned by the public company Canal de Isabel II by designing and supplying a new filtration and disinfection equipment.

Under the contract with Canal de Isabel II, Severn Trent Services – Apliclor installed pressure filters at the facility that serves the needs of around 3,000 inhabitants in Madrid, to eliminate manganese and other solid particles from the community’s water.

In addition to the pressure filters, Severn Trent Services – Apliclor’s treatment scheme, representing an investment of almost EUR160,000 also included the installation of sodium hypochlorite dosing systems to disinfect and treat the drinking water.

Severn Trent Services – Apliclor general manager Rick Bacon said that manganese is an element commonly found in groundwater, often in combination with iron.

“While not dangerous to public health, the presence of manganese can damage clothing during washing, which is why Canal de Isabel II has decided to invest in new filters to eliminate the contaminant,” Bacon said.