The Arbitration Court of Volgograd has ruled in favor of Lukoil imposing pecuniary penalties in the amount of RUR100,000 on OOO Moskva-Oil and RUR100,000 on OOO Biznes-Tsentr-Volgograd for violation of Lukoil's exclusive trademark rights.

The court had previously found these companies using symbols confusingly similar to Lukoil’s trademark at a filling station in Volgograd. Due to cases of infringement of Lukoil’s trademark rights or use of confusingly similar symbols, which has become frequent recently, the company intends to take action to defend its exclusive rights.

The company is going to bring in a number of lawsuits regarding infringement of its exclusive rights on registered trademarks against owners and lease holders of filling stations located in a number of Russian regions, including the Moscow region.