Canada-based diamond producer Lucara Diamond is set to conduct its second stone tender in November this year.

The company will keep the diamonds for viewing in Gaborone, Botswana, from 2 November to 11 November, and the tender will close on the last day.

In the tender, the company will exhibit up to 12 diamonds, including the recently recovered 336 carat Type IIa diamond, as well as an 8 carat fancy pink diamond.

Lucara Diamond president and CEO William Lamb said: "The Karowe Mine continues to deliver as expected allowing us to have a second exceptional stone tender in 2015.

"The increase in bottom cut-off value to $1m for qualifying diamonds for the exceptional stone tenders has resulted in less stones being available for these tenders but has increased the value for Lucara by allowing us to offer higher quality at our regular tenders."

In August this year, Lucara recovered a series high quality Type IIa, 336 carat diamond from its Karowe mine in Botswana.

The three other diamonds recovered include a 184 carat stone, a 94 carat and an 86 carat stone. A 12 carat pale pink diamond was also identified, and its color will be confirmed after cleaning.