UK banking group Lloyds TSB has introduced an online bill management service that allows its internet banking customers to access all of their household bills in one place.

The new service allows customers to pay, view and store ‘paperless’ bills online, eliminating the need for customers to deal separately with individual companies or log on to numerous providers’ websites to view and pay bills.

Included in the service will be email alerts which will be sent out when bills are due, so customers have no need to deal with paper bills. When the email is received, customers are able to view a bill summary and pay through Lloyds TSB’s internet banking service. An online record of all payments, whether by direct debit, standing order or direct through the site, will be available to the customer.

A whole host of organizations, including utility and telecoms firms, have already signed up to this new service to allow customers to view and pay their bills through the Lloyds TSB online bill management service. These include Telewest, EDF, Anglian Water, Colchester Borough Council and Nectar. Lloyds TSB expects many more to sign up in the coming weeks and months.

Anita Hockin, head of internet at Lloyds TSB, said: A deluge of paper bills can be confusing and off-putting for anyone – and even the most financially savvy consumer can easily lose track of their finances when there is so much to keep an eye on. This service means that with one log-on, customers can view all of their bills in one place – it couldn’t be easier.