Lion Energy, a Canada-based exploration company, has said that gas shows and petrophysical analysis of wireline logs from the drilling of the Kenya Block 9 Bogal 1-1 well, indicate multiple gas pay zones totaling approximately 91mt in Lower Cretaceous sandstones.

Seven inch casing has been set and testing equipment is currently being mobilized from China. Test results are expected to be available over the next 60 days.

Lion Energy has also said that a letter of intent has been signed by AOC to award a contract with the Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting to acquire 1,350km of seismic on the block10BB and block10A projects in Kenya. Drilling in these blocks is expected to take place in 2011.

John Nelson, president and CEO of Lion Energy, said: “The size and commerciality has yet to be determined by testing, however the initial analysis highlights the excellent prospectivity of the block.

“Following and test results, the joint venture partners will meet to discuss the plan for potential Bogal appraisal work in addition to exploring marketing scenarios to best commercialize gas in East Africa.”

Lion Energy holds rights to acquire net working interests in the block 9 (10%), 10BB (20%) and 10A (25%) projects.