LG Electronics has signed an agreement to supply 135MW of solar modules to Borrego Solar Systems for the US commercial market.

The company will supply its Mono X NeON modules including 60- and 72-cell NeON 2 modules through 2016.

Borrego Solar will then sell these modules as an LG-preferred strategic commercial integrator in North American market.

Borrego Solar Systems president Aaron Hall said: "In these turbulent times Borrego Solar is able to provide options to our customers that leverage LG’s financial and brand strengths, while providing a superior technology that outperforms the competition."

LG is planning to unveil 72-cell Mono X NeON modules later this year.

LG Electronics USA Energy Solutions business senior vice-president Ellen Kim said: "We expect strong results from the combination of LG’s leading innovations and Borrego Solar’s expertise as a leading commercial integrator."

The deal comes on heels of agreement signed by LG Electronics in 2014 to supply 24MW Mono X series solar panels to Borrego Solar Systems.