Lexington Electric, a public electric utility in Tennessee, has begun deploying the TS2 advanced metering solution from Cellnet+Hunt.

Lexington Electric will fully deploy the TS2 system to 22,000 meters over the next two years. The utility anticipates a full return on investment in seven years based on reduced meter reading costs alone.

The company is planning to use the remote disconnect capabilities of the system immediately, and in the future will consider outage management and offering time-of-use pricing to its customer base.

A power line carrier-based communication technology, TS2 is a full two-way advanced metering system that offers demand response capabilities, such as load control and time-based pricing, as well as distribution system monitoring and load profile capabilities.

Jeff Graves, engineering manager of Lexington Electric, said: We justified the system simply on replacing contract meter reading. We haven’t begun factoring in costs savings from the other benefits of the system.