Lakeland Resources has acquired five uranium properties totaling 52,255ha in the Athabasca basin region of Saskatchewan in Canada.

The five newly acquired properties include Lazy Edward Bay, Karen Lake, Black Lake, Hidden Bay and Fedun Lake.

Lakeland president and CEO Jonathan Armes said, "We will seek to continue to advance our property portfolio via exploration, joint-ventures, option agreements or otherwise, giving our shareholders exposure to continued exploration successes as well as improving fundamentals for the uranium space."

The Lazy Edward Bay comprises ten claims totaling 21,990ha and is located at the southern margin of the Athabasca Basin while Karen Lake includes three claims totaling 7,195ha located approximately 1km from the northeastern edge of the Athabasca basin.

Black Lake property includes two claims totaling 2,889ha located at the northern margin of the Athabasca Basin whereas Hidden Bay has three claims totaling 16,925ha located approximately 8km from the eastern edge of the Athabasca Basin.

Additionally, Fedun Lake comprises two claims totaling 3,258ha located approximately 70km from the southern edge of the Athabasca Basin and the Key Lake uranium mill.