Kurion designed Ion Specific Media equipment will support the removal of radioactivity from contaminated water at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

Kurion will also assist in supporting system installation, commissioning and startup which will begin in mid-June this year.

Under the planned two stage water processing sequence, the Kurion processing system and Ion Specific Media will remove targeted radioactive isotopes from the water.

The overall processing system has several stages including debris and oil removal, radioactivity removal and desalinization.

Kurion will process radioactive contaminated water presently in the turbine buildings, along with new cooling water added daily, and return the purified water to the plant for recycle as reactor cooling water.

The Ion Specific Media benefits a volume-reduced stable waste form that minimises handling, storage, shipping, and disposal costs and uniquely isolates isotopes from the environment.

France based Areva will develop a second radioactivity removal system.