One of the UK's oldest universities, King's College London, has agreed a deal with UK power supplier Scottish and Southern Energy that will see it switch to 100% green energy usage.

King’s has become one of the first universities in the UK to have 100% of its electricity supply sourced from environmentally friendly large-scale hydro generation from Scotland, through a new, two-year contract with Scottish and Southern Energy.

The supply deal means King’s will no longer consume fossil fuel but will use ‘green’ electricity across all its campuses. It is estimated that this will save the emission of 37,700 tones of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (equivalent of 215 return trips to the moon in a family saloon).

Commenting on the new supply deal, Scottish and Southern’s national account manager Peter Steel said: We’re delighted to welcome King’s College London to the steadily growing band of organizations willing to show their green credentials.

Bringing clean, green hydro electricity from the highlands of Scotland into central London is unusual and means, along with other forward-thinking organizations, the staff and students of the College are all playing their part in helping the UK achieve its targets in producing clean, renewable energy.