Kender Energy, a development phase firm engaged in solar energy field, said that through the hiring process of an engineering company, it has discovered that its technology can be applied to electric vehicles (EV). The development phase company is therefore planning to foray into the EV market.

According to the fundamental research reports, the two initial prototypes produce energy, however wear and tear was too high due to heat and lack of efficient components.

Therefore, the engineering of the pre-market and industrial prototype will be based on a turbine structure that can be used to also power an electric vehicle both during the day with the heat of the sun and lithium batteries for evening use. This new concept is expected to create a long-range EVs.

The company is continuing to review the engineering firm proposals and expect to unveil the winning bidder and the electric vehicle propulsion concept over the next several months.

Sean Kelly, president of Kender Energy, said: “In our selection process we have met with several engineering firms and one in particular is specialized in Formula One Race Car engineering and based on our conversation, the turbine and EV concept was born.

”Our technology would allow an electric vehicle to go long-distances at higher speeds without the need for a charge while providing the efficiency and reliability the industry is looking for.”