Entergy has restored electrical service to more than 820,000 of the 1.1 million customers affected by hurricane Katrina across Louisiana and Mississippi.

While all those in Mississippi now have service, some 265,000 customers remain without supply in Louisiana.

Katrina affected more than 59,000 square km or roughly a third of Entergy’s service territory. The storm passed 48,000 miles of transmission lines and 48,000 miles of distribution lines and a total of 1,056 km transmission line-miles, 263 substations and 1,560 distribution feeders were out of service at one time.

Six substations within New Orleans city have been reenergized. Of seventeen generating units in the New Orleans area that are fuelled by natural gas and/or oil, nine of these units have been returned to service, with one more expected to return late this week. Several of these units only operate during peak periods.