Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is one of three companies that has been awarded contracts by Norway’s Gassnova SF to conduct technical pre-studies for the planned carbon dioxide capture plant at Kårstø, Norway.

MHI, Aker Clean Carbon, and Fluor Daniel Construction Company have all signed contracts with Gassnova to carry out the Front End Engineering and Design for the CO2 capture plant, which will be one of the world’s largest carbon capture and storage facilities. Gassnova has hailed the development as an important milestone for the project.

The companies’ technical studies will be assessed by Gassnova to determine whether they can proceed to the next phase, which involves tendering bids to construct the facility. The planned CCS plant will capture approximately 3000 tons of CO2 per year from the flue gas emitted by the existing 420 MW gas-fired Kårstø plant, which is located on Norway’s southwest coast.

In the bidding phase, the three companies will compete on CO2 capture technology, the performance of the facility and the construction and operation costs of the planned CO2 recovery plant. MHI will offer its proprietary KS-1 solvent for absorbing and desorbing CO2 from flue gas.

Gassnova, which was established by the Norwegian government to support CO2 management technology development, is aiming to announce the successful bidder in late 2009.

MHI has already delivered CO2 recovery plants to Malaysia, the UAE, Bahrain and Pakistan.