The Government of India intends to promote joint ventures to accelerate the development of hydro capacity in the country. Under the proposed policy, the government has identified eight projects aggregating over 5000MW that will be offered to joint ventures for development.

The projects include: •Teesta II and Teesta V schemes in Sikkim.

•90MW Loktak Downstream in Manipur.

•500MW Kameng and the 221MW Priyadarshini Jurala in Arunchal Pradesh.

•2051MW Parbatyi project in Himchal Pradesh.

•210MW Tuvai and 400MW Koteshwar in Uttar Pradesh.

The joint ventures are expected to include participation from a public sector utility company, which would undertake the responsibility of obtaining all necessary clearances for the project. The power generated by the projects will be bought by the proposed Power Trading Corporation, which would sign PPAs with the developers.

The government is also considering the possibility of reviving the 710MW Koel Karo project in Bihar, which has been in limbo after the previous government froze funds for the project.

Furthermore, it has also identified specific projects aggregating over 12000MW for which the advanced survey and investigation will be conducted using international funding. These include Subansirl (4800MW), Lohit (3000MW), Suni (1000MW) and the Utyasw dam.