JayHawk Energy has said that both wells drilled recently on its Crosby North Dakota oil property have been equipped and are now on production. The initial well drilled on the Knudson location is currently making oil at 3-8 barrels of oil per day with some water.

The second well, the Jenks #1 is making a significant volume of water. The Jenks location is expected to start making oil as the fluid level in the well bore continues to be drawn down by pumping at higher rates. Testing indicated high overall fluid volumes, likely the result of encountering natural fractures in the reservoir during drilling.

Despite the close proximity of the two wells (500ft apart) and the company’s other producing wells, their fluid rates have been very different. The Jenks is capable of producing over 200 barrels of fluid per day (bfpd) while the Knudson is producing less than 20bfpd.

The company will continue to monitor the wells, determine remedial procedures and begin to identify the next several drilling locations on its developing oil asset.