IXYS Corporation (IXYS), a manufacturer of power semiconductor and IC for power conversion applications, has introduced a new family of fully isolated and integrated three-phase rectifier bridges, GUO with Vrrm rating from 800 V to 1600 V. The fully isolated package provides an isolation voltage of 2500V and compact, lightweight and thin outline allows easy handling and assembly. The first products are GUO40-12NO1 and GUO40-16NO1, both rated at 40A bridge output current when mounted on heatsink.

The GUO rectifier family is developed to fulfill all industrial standards and required isolation and creepage distances. The combination of a flat package with an adapted leadframe and the highly sophisticated diode technology of IXYS results in an optimized heat dissipation and an outstanding ruggedness withstanding in–rush current surge.

The GUO range from IXYS illustrates a development in response to customer requirements for low cost, high reliability, front end rectification. Competitive solutions currently are not able to withstand the higher input voltages inherent in applications such as air conditioning, motor drives or power supplies, explained Bradley Green, Vice President of International Sales of IXYS. The three-phase diode bridge rectifier is a standard building block to a high percentage of our power semiconductor customers, and offers a high level of integration. This new GUO family can reduce system cost, improve reliability and also reduce the system size and material usage over previous technologies, making it an eco-friendly solution.

The GUO rectifiers provide high efficiency and high power density at a lower cost.