Inventi, a newly formed division of Imagine Technology, is plannign to to acquire Verde's power transformation technology, Veactor.

The Veactor™ upgrades the aged transformer into a reactor with magnetic regulation and rectification, a patented process developed by Verde.

"This is the most exciting technology I have seen in very long time," says Davi, Inventi’s CEO. "Verde’s patented magnetic technology scales incredibly well. We will see benefits from the grid, all the way down to consumer electronics."

"Data centers such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure have much to gain from this technology, as each mounted server will emit less heat, and more importantly, draw less power from a Veactor™ power supply…the technology has been 3rd party lab tested and indicated up to 70 percent power savings per server at full load against the most efficient power supplies available.. Data centers utilizing Veactors™ will become data centers that deliver a new star of energy efficiency, and in turn, allow for higher server density which will drive site growth and profits."

"Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) should be a top concern for mission critical data centers, or, for the military, for example. Veactor™ technology is non fixed ratio energy transformation. Its variable power transformation largest benefit is EMP protection."