Intersil Corporation (Intersil) will display its latest D2Audio and Ambient Light Sensing products at International CES from January 8 – 11, 2009 at Booth S21902 in the South Hall of the Hilton Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Intersil’s D2Audio SoundSuite collection of advanced audio processing technologies delivers a rich and vibrant audio experience, improving the normally flat audio performance of most consumer devices.

The live demo, powered by D2Audio’s latest Digital Audio Engine (DAE-4) will allow visitors to experience how SoundSuite products, with psycho-acoustic enhancements, dramatically improve the listening experience in 2-channel and multi-channel systems. The demonstrated set of SoundSuite advanced intelligent features include:

D2Audio WideSound: An advanced 2-channel image field enhancement using optimized spatialization

D2Audio DeepBass: A sophisticated bass frequency enhancement technique using psycho-acoustic technology and dynamic equalization

D2Audio AudioAlign: Sound position and alignment to the video display

D2Audio DigitalEQ: System level loudspeaker correction and optimization, combined with content/source enhancement.

ISL29015 Proximity Sensor

Intersil is the recognized leader in Ambient Light Sensor technology, delivering unmatched spectral response performance in any light condition. This product line has won or been nominated for some of the industry’s most prestigious innovation awards and includes both light-to-current and light-to-digital options in clear ODFN packaging. The ISL29015 proximity sensor, the latest in this family of products, will be on display.

The ISL29015 combines an ambient light sensor along with an integrated infrared sensor, an LED driver for an external infrared LED, and signal conditioning processing. This one-chip proximity sensing solution eliminates up to four external discrete functions, increasing available board-space.