International Bio Recovery Corporation (International Bio Recovery) has appointed Theodore N. Deuel and Aidan Donnelly to its board of directors. Deuel is chairman of Envirco LLC and has executive management and board experience at different companies in US and other international markets. Deuel is an electrical engineer and holds an MBA. Currently, Donnelly is chairman of Ireland's National Oil Reserves Agency (NORA).

Envirco holds an nternational Bio Recovery Master License for California and is International Bio Recovery shareholder.

Donnelly is a principal in Recondo Holdings of Louth, Ireland which is a significant shareholder in International Bio Recovery and the holder of an International Bio Recovery Master License. He has a number of other interests in renewable and environmental start up companies. Aidan holds a B.Sc. in chemistry, a Masters of industrial engineering and an MBA.

Ben Van Dyk, International Bio Recovery chairman says, the relationship with Ted Deuel and the Envirco team will greatly enhance IBR’s ability to penetrate the US market with our technology and most particularly the developing market in California for processing animal wastes. We are very pleased with our rapidly expanding relationship with Recondo and the progress we are making in rolling out the IBR technology in Western Europe due to the efforts of Aidan and his group.

International Bio Recovery is a Canada developer of environmental technology that digests organic waste materials and produces biological fertility products.