Innov-X Systems, Inc. (Innov-X Systems) has introduced a new Omega X-pres, which features the cost-effective Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) technology. The Omega X-pres offers ultra-high x-ray count rates, up to 200,000 cps and 3x precision and limits of detection (LOD). For users interested in high speed material sorting, the Omega X-pres offers reliable results in as little as 1-2 seconds test time.

For years, Innov-X portable XRF systems have been the leader for high power: offering high count rates while enjoying the reliability and inherent safety of a 40kV tube. Continuing to exploit this lead, the new Innov-X system makes the most of SDD technology, operating at 4W/40kV.

While light element detection (Mg, Al, Si, P) under ambient conditions is offered with the Omega X-pres, Innov-X continues to offer the further enhancement of an on-board vacuum function for truly peak performance. This vacuum function dramatically improves light element performance, particularly for Mg. Indeed the Omega X-pres is the only handheld XRF offering light element detection in both ambient and vacuum environments.

“SDD technology represents a great advancement in the way many industries can use portable XRF systems, and nothing will do more to bring out the best performance of this technology than the field-proven, high power X-ray tube found only in Innov-X portables”, said Rose Koch, vice president of product management. “The ability to offer the supreme performance of vacuum without cumbersome attachments such as pumps or helium sources, takes us even further ahead.”

Koch continues, “We have been shipping SDD technology into the heavy transportation and power generation markets for several years, and we are pleased to bring our years of experience to the portables market. No other supplier comes close to our experience with getting the most from SDD technology.”

Michael Gray, vice president of sales and marketing, is focused on the cost structure in these challenging times: “Our high power tube allows us to achieve significant cost effectiveness on our SDD. Therefore, we are pleased to offer some very attractive pricing packages and upgrade paths for the Omega X-pres.” For a limited time, the company is offering SDD technology for the price of traditional PiN diode technology in the Omega Series portable system. Moreover, the Omega Series will continue the tradition of customer-friendly upgrades. “Any existing customer can upgrade their Innov-X XRF to SDD technology. Nothing we have sold is obsolete!” said Gray.

Chief executive officer Don Sackett notes “I am really pleased that we took a little more time with this technology and we are able to offer existing customers a cost-effective upgrade path to SDD technology. We believe that existing customers need to be able to obtain the latest technology without the major investment of a new instrument, especially in these difficult economic times.”

Innov-X Systems is a US based innovator of portable XRF technology.