Indigo-Energy has updated on its progress on natural gas production in the Illinois Basin. The company began completion efforts on one vertical well and two horizontal wells back in December of 2009 and said in March that these wells had begun flowing and flaring a significant volume of natural gas.

Since then, the company and its operating partners in the basin have completed testing and inspections by the state utilities regulatory commission and passed gas quality testing with the pipeline company.

Additionally, the company added that a contract for the purchase of gas had been signed and that final steps were being taken to ensure the most consistent and optimum flow of gas to the pipeline once production into the pipeline begins.

Indigo has moved its progressive cavity (PC) pump approximately 90ft lower into the vertical HUB well and continues to make adjustments to the wells both above and below the surface. Some flexible tubing on the surface has been replaced with steel pipes, a larger fluid separator has been installed and a higher capacity injection pump has been delivered and successfully installed as well.

The company continues making adjustments to the down-hole pump in response to the evolving well characteristics (fluid level, volume and consistency) that are often prevalent in early stages of pumping and production.

Steve Durdin, president and CEO of Indigo, said: “We are being very careful in this operation to do things right and to plan and build according to what we anticipate in terms of production. We are using the best technology available to us and have a great team of experts supporting our field efforts.”